August 2017

Voor projectontwikkelaar Moervast hebben wij de high-end woningen: Moonlight, Sunshine en Stardust in ‘t Scheepvaartkwartier ontworpen. Drie unieke high end lofts waarbij er optimaal gebruik van de ruimte. Van de beste materialen tot one-of-a-kind exclusive, alles draait om de beleving. Zie, voel, hoor en ervaar de ruimte.

Real beauty is on the inside. Stardust gives away its secrets right after closing the front door. The city turns silent and it’s time to relax. Alone or with the two of you and there is always room for guests. On the border of being inside or outside - in your own secret indoor garden - is where you come together. Close friends enrich your afternoons. With bites & beats, gin & tonics and a game of backgammon daytime slides by. At the end of the night you enjoy some quiet time on the couch. The bedroom is cool and inviting. Another day like this tomorrow? Stardust: do not disturb.


Interior Design

Custom Furniture

Lighting Design

Project management

Square meters
160 m²